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The NAM-KlinikHotel Castle (NAM-KHC) is a UN-registered humanitarian project of SC-Fund UK. As licensed site products of Carident AG, Switzerland, several international sites are currently in the planning stages of set up. SC-Fund UK coordinates the financing together with financing partners.

The term ‚KlinikHotel‘ refers to an extended medical care facility in a hotel atmosphere under one roof. Many years of dental knowledge about the oral cavity form the basis of NAM-Therapy and NAM-Dentistry by Prof. Dr. Tilman Fritsch. In harmony with other medical disciplines, balanced chances of healing can be expected, as in every NAM-KHC.

For easy international recognition the name NAM-KlinikHotel (NAM-KH) was chosen. The NAM-KH is the medical service centre in the NAM-KlinikHotel Castle (NAM-KHC).

For international access, primarily for Germany, this internet application (CCC) was created. German text and German law apply. Translations serve exclusively for a better understanding of the respective national languages and are not legally effective.

Under the reference title „NAM-KHC TRANSLATIONS“, the German CCC- ** presentation contents appear in scroll mode in free translations in the following languages

– English

– French (under construction)

– Spanish (under construction)

Interested persons can participate in the NAM-KHC projects. How and in what way? Please ask via <>.

To register or login to the ‚‘ Internet Software application, the CCI and/or CCE requires a CC-Web Key (CCI or CCE).

This CC Web Key can be obtained from your CCI contact person who gave you the information on the CCC web page.

If you do not have a CCI contact person, you can obtain a CCI- or CCE-Web key from the e-mail address: <>. To do this, please provide us with your personal details for the first time, without your date of birth but your age in years.


CCI = Capital Carident Informant or contact person who helps people interested in health tourism to access the website.

To download and install the application software on your own computer, the reference title INFORMANT (CCI) CONTACT PERSON, who

Link: Windows or MacOSX

to activate.

With your registration you will receive a personal CCI Web Key for your login(s).

By means of your own CCI-Web key, each newly registered person is an exclusive member of your own CCI network. If a new member registers as a CCE and offers SCF loans, the CCI will automatically receive an e-mail notification of the submitted CCE loan offer from their contact person. The CCI will later receive an SCF offer for the sale of the address usage period based on the CCE loan conditions and the contract period. The CCI can then calculate the usage period fee for the CCE address. The regulations can be found in the CCI address disclaimer.

After your registration, your CCI contact person will receive an E-mail asking him/her to accept you: REGISTER (enter login data), in the window ‚Accompanying Information‘ click on the button INFORMATION then ‚INFORMANT‘ or ‚PROVIDER‘: move the cursor to orange on the person(s) displayed and green = accept or red = block (switch). Once the new CCI has been accepted and his CCI Web Key is activated, he can REGISTER. The ‚Accompanying Information‘ window appears with the list of NAM-KHC documents that can be downloaded to the computer.

Once the new CCI has been accepted and his CCI-Web Key is activated, he can REGISTER. The ‚Accompanying Information‘ window appears with the list of NAM-KHC documents that can be downloaded to the computer.

In the CCI Address Disclaimer, you can read rules of conduct regarding the procedure of the CCE address lifetime sale.


CCE = is a person who is interested in financial commitment and who wishes to offer and provide interest-bearing loans in EURO or convertible, valuable, realizable material assets for NAM-KHC projects to SCF.

To download and install the application software on your own computer, the reference title PROVIDER (CCE) INTERESTED PERSON is

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When you register, you will receive a personal CCE-Web Key for your login(s).

Accepted CCE-Loan offers must be paid in Euros into a nominated trust lawyer escrow account as an ‚investment loan‘. The CCE-Loan is generally limited to a period of three (3) years. The contract is automatically renewed if not objected by one party at least six (6) months in advance.

SC-Fund UK has at its disposal the CCE-Loan deposited by the PROVIDER (CCE) INTERESTED PARTY or the proceeds from the realised, converted tangible asset, in accordance with the contractual conditions and terms. Proceeds from the freely available loan capital are largely invested in SCF’s own social-humanitarian projects or projects such as NAM-KHC, health-related facilities, etc.

Upon written request, for each base year (max. 3 years), payments of up to 30% of the loan amount can be made from the remaining residual capital as a special repayment, taking into account the usual and customary early repayment fees of approx. 20% of the disbursement amount, or could be provided as a special repayment substitute with a SCF CCV loan, provided that sufficient residual capital is available. The SCF CCV extended loan can be offset against the CCE-Loan credit.

If the INVESTOR (CCE) INTERESTED PARTY wishes to waive this rule, a Performance Interest II (interest rate increase) could be envisaged.

The interest will be added to the CCE-Loan and is due at the end of the 3rd year, unless an extension exists.

The ‚Pre-contractual Information‘ listed in the prefabricated CCE-Loan Offer text contains all relevant information on the borrower and the CCE-Loan Offer. CCE must confirm that it has taken note of this information.

The CCE-Loan Offer corresponds to the German Civil Code (BGB), but must contain the Qualified Subordination (legal obligation).

The prescribed regulation on the receipt of money is controlled by the acceptance or rejection of CCE-Loan Offers.

The CCE-Loan Offer and interest are economically independent of NAM-KHC projects.

The entire Internet application with the financial settlements is subject to the provisions of the German Banking Act (KWG) (Kreditwesengesetz and subsequent provisions) and is BaFin (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) licence-free within the meaning of sections 2 and 32 of the KWG.

This required permissibility of the CCC-Internet-Application has been certified by specialist lawyers for banking and financial market law.

BaFin has the necessary information and documents for its supervisory control.

Individual information can be found by clicking on the reference titles above with scrolling.

If you have any further questions regarding the NAM-KHC and would like individual information on the reference titles, please contact SC-Fund UK via <>.

Your SC-Fund UK



The NAM-KlinikHotel (NAM-KH) is a hotel in the upscale 3*** plus segment with NAM-Therapy, NAM-Dentistry and NAM-Dental Clinic, an MVZ (Medical Care Center with at least 11 medical specialties) with 24 hours/day care and support.

The set task has the goal

„Making healthy ones healthier!“

Treat the causes instead of the symptoms.


NAM-KlinikHotel Castle (NAM-KHC) is an international social-humanitarian project (UN listed 2019) that combines holidays and preventive medicine. It is a sustainable project for the future that responds to the coming changes in the world and the environment.

The aim is to place NAM-KHC at several locations worldwide in order to give people the opportunity to combine holiday and prevention with further education.

The NAM-KHCs are to be embedded in the existing structures in places and integrate local features.

In contrast to specialist clinics that treat ill people, the NAM-KHC is focused on diseases of civilization starting from dentistry health care. Healthy patients are treated pre-emptively to stay healthy. These treatments can be optimally combined with a holiday together with the family or in a social environment.

The NAM-KHC is connected to a university institution which ensures the training of staff in the clinic and the hotel and enables research opportunities. The continuing education of patients, holidaymakers and foreign students also takes place within the NAM-University.

The NAM-KHC has a „Chateau-like“ character, which is always the same in all places: in the centre the NAM-KlinikHotel (NAM-KH) and NAM-CulturCenter, surrounded by a „castle wall“ of apartments (NAM-Castellas) and NAM-Towers.

The NAM-KlinikHotel is located in the centre, where applications and therapies are carried out on 12,000 square metres. There are also 168 beds here, equipped for short inpatient stays.

Starting from dentistry health care, there is room for a further eleven fields of general medicine and physical therapy, whereby treatment is to be based on the 4-eye principle: At least 2 specialties always decide on diagnostics and therapy.

Besides the NAM-KH, the NAM-KulturZentrum for further education and congresses has 960 seats. Within the „castle walls“ there are 480 NAM-Castellas (apartments with consoles for medical care).  There are up to 1,440 beds for tourists and patients. The NAM towers house the school, logistics and energy supply, recycling facilities, security, management and much more.

A total venture requires an amount of 230-280 million Euros.

The economy is calculated at a capacity utilisation of 60%. The NAM-KHC has expected economic efficiency at about 70% even WITHOUT medical care. Accordingly, the break-even point is approx. 35-40% and the repayment of loans should be possible after approx. 15 years.

Investment opportunities arise in the form of interest-bearing loans (3-6% in 2019) through the Scottish Family Fund (SC-Fund UK), FSA (today FCA) approval and BaFin in Germany, permission-free.

Tangible assets (interest bearing) can be deposited through an offer to SC-Fund UK to secure investment loans. A purchase of holiday flats is possible (according to the concept of Hapimag).

Investments in research and education, as well as Charité, tax depreciable, are given.

Companies and countries also have interesting advantages from the NAM-KHCs (including UN funding from the World Bank), which are licensed from the SC-Fund UK. With the NAM-KHC it is possible to invest in a new world.


Further Notes to the NAM-KHC

KlinikHotel Castle (NAM-KHC) was designed as a modern castle-like facility for „holistic medicine“, which includes both Far Eastern procedures.

The concept combines medical therapy forms with vacation, regeneration and further education.

The NAM-Therapy is the neuro-anato-metabolic dental medicine (NAM). This therapy helps the patient who is in a recovery phase after an illness as well as the „healthy“ patient who wants to increase his performance and quality of life.

The realization that approx. 80% of diseases of civilization have their cause in the oral cavity has led to the fact that in the NAM-Principle dentistry has moved into the center of therapy. In the NAM-KlinikHotel Castle, dentistry thus becomes a service provider for other medical specialties in order to optimize the treatment of the patient together.

In addition to dentistry there are other medical specialties (e.g. internal medicine, derma, orthopedics, gynecology, plastic medicine, neurology, cardiology, environmental medicine, psychotherapy with a focus on traumatology (burnout), physical therapies osteopathy and physiotherapy).

In addition, a selection of accompanying treatments, such as wellness, beauty, personal coaching, mediation, etc. is available to round off the treatment.

It has been proven that the treatment of a patient is better in the environment of the family or circle of friends. At the same time, the social environment can be included in the treatment in order to ensure the sustainability of the therapy also for the time after the stay in the NAM-KlinikHotel Castle.

At the planning location Feuchtwangen, 480 NAM-Castellas in 5 to 6 floors replace the castle walls between the 4 corner towers. The noise effects from the nearby motorway could also be conceptually neutralised.

The NAM-KH, surrounded by a moat, and the NAM-Cultural Centre are located in the inner courtyard, in a park-like design.

You will find the information material about the NAM-KlinikHotel and NAM-KlinikHotel Castle after your registration for

  • CCI in the internet application cci-3.0 with blue font
  • CCE in the internet application cce-3.0 with green font

in each case in the window: ‚Accompanying Information‘.

The documents on the ‚Accompanying Information‘ page, which contain extracts from the Business-Plan with business criteria – ‘BwiKri‘ – also present the NAM-KlinikHotel Castle from a business perspective.

The BwiKri plan specifications in the Business-Plan show results that are close to reality and are based on the long-term results of similar facilities in Scandinavia and Australia.

The real costs and results may differ from the design specifications, a liability is excluded.



You are interested in the development, the realisation, the promotion of the NAM-KlinikHotel and NAM-KlinikHotel Castle (NAM-KHC), location products of Carident AG, licensed by SC-Fund UK, and if necessary in the later operation, actively participate.

The application software for INFORMANT (CCI) KONTAKT PERSON can be downloaded for Microsoft operating systems from Win-7

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The program ‚cci-installer-3.0.exe‘ is usually stored in the download folder. To install it, please run the program ‚cci-installer 3.0.exe‘, which you will find in the download folder or as an icon on the desktop of your computer after installation. Please confirm the download link for your computer and follow the ‚INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS‘ in the separate section.

To register you will need a CCI-Web Key, which you will receive from your INFORMANT (CCI) CONTACT PERSON.

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With your registration, a personal CCI-Web Key will also be generated for you.

You can pass on this personal CCI-Web Key to your acquaintances and friends after your acceptance and activation. These new persons register themselves and you, the CCI-Web Key distributor, will be asked by E-mail to accept and activate these personal CC-Web Keys of your newly acquired partners as contact persons or loan providers.  Otherwise, these new CCI or CCE partners cannot register. Your CCI-Web Key unites all persons, including the subsequent persons in your network, who register with your CCI-Web Key.

The CCI partners can give their personal CCI-Web Keys to other people. If you have any questions, please follow the USER INSTRUCTIONS.

By using a CCI-Web Key, you as a CCI accept the fee conditions for the use of addresses. By accepting the CCI address disclaimer, you confirm that you agree with the conditions.

A contractual relationship can only be established after acceptance of the CCI- or CCE-Web Key.

When the contract becomes legally effective, a loan offer sent to SC-Fund UK and processed, sent and accepted by CCE alone, the CCI will receive an offer by e-mail for the CCE address usage period, the amount of which is determined by the contractual conditions.

We wish you every success and will be happy to assist you. Please use the e-mail address <> (this is not a link) for further information.

Your CCC Crew



You are interested in the NAM-KlinikHotel Castle and would like to receive information about your loan offers or the purchase of NAM real estate property.

The application software for PROVIDERS (CCE) INTERESTED PERSON can be downloaded for Microsoft operating systems from Win-7

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The program ‚cce-installer-3.0.exe‘ is usually stored in the download folder on your computer. To install it, please run the program ‚cce-installer 3.0.exe‘, which you can find in the download folder or as an icon on the desktop of your computer. Please confirm the download link for your computer and follow the installation instructions. You will find an orientation guide in the separate section ‚INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS‘.

To register you will need a CCI-Web Key, which you will receive from your INFORMANT (CCI) CONTACT PERSON.

Otherwise, request a CCI-Web Key via the e-mail address <> (this is not a link).

With your registration a personal CCE-Web Key will be generated for you, which you should not pass on to other persons. It only works for you.


there are several ways to actively participate. How? Please inquire via <>.

  1. CCE is a CCE-Loan-Providor

The displayed CCE-Loan Offer text to be completed is in German. The free translation into English can be requested via <>.

A loan CCE grants is a 3-year debenture over the fixed term. You must object to an automatic renewal at least six (6) months prior to the end of the contract.

If the CCE wishes to offer interest-bearing loans or realisable, valuable assets convertible into EURO, the CCE has to complete the prefabricated CCE-Loan Offer text. This CCE-Loan Offer text appears after the CCE confirms in the ‚Accompanying Information‘ window by clicking on the ‚Information‘ button ‚Angebot‘ (Offer).

In the case of the CCE-Loan Offer for a non-cash material asset, you must enter an estimated value as the amount. After this asset has been converted (liquidated) and all costs have been deducted, this results in a net amount to which the estimated CCE-Loan Offer value to be corrected.

Under item 16 ‚Miscellaneous‘, the tangible asset must be given a distinctive title (max. 50 characters).

Please refer to the separate section CCE-PROVIDER LOAN for information on interest conditions.

The CCE can download the completed CCE-Loan Offer text to his computer and check it. When CCE submits the offer, it will not be delivered to SC-Fund UK until your CCE-Web Key has been accepted by CCI. CCI has been emailed immediately after CCE registration to you, the CCE, to accept and to unlock your CCE-Web Key.

  1. CCE wants to „Save and Buy“ for Health

Saving: To take advantage of the savings plan, CCE has to offer a loan. In the prefabricated CCE-Loan Offer text, the input field under point 7 must be confirmed: „Yes, I would like to increase the loan by special deposits / installments“.

Buy 1: CCE wants to offset its loan against the NAM-Castella purchase price

For this purpose, CCE must confirm the entry field „Yes, I would like to use the collateral or the NAM-Castella purchase options“ in the pre-prepared CCE-Loan Offer text under item 14.

Buy 2: CCE is interested in purchasing a NAM-Castella

Here, the CCE is offered the possibility of acquiring NAM-Castella in partial with special ownership (land share). After you, the CCE, have confirmed ‚Buy Castella‘ in the ‚Accompanying Documents‘ window by clicking on the ‚Information‘ button, a text on the interest to buy appears with the request to confirm the interest to buy. Once the ‚Execute‘ instruction has been confirmed, you, the CCE, will receive an E-mail to confirm your interest.

The CCE will also receive documentation on available NAM-Castellas, prices and profitability calculations. CCE will reply to this E-mail to confirm its choice. CCE will then receive an e-mail with the draft contract documents to be notarized and further information on the conclusion of the purchase contract.

The NAM-Castella property purchase involves the obligation to rent the acquired property to the NAM-IMMO (local) company on a permanent basis. Ownership of the property is only possible if the owner is willing to comply with the NAM-KHC regulations for patient care.

We are looking forward to you!

Your Crew



1. Interest Terms and Conditions

Interested CCE-Providers may offer loans.

The CCE-Loan offered by the PROVIDER (CCE) INTERESTED PARTY, accepted and received by SC-Fund UK, bears interest at 3% above the European Central Bank’s key interest rate, as set by the ECB. An additional performance interest rate, which is not dependent on economic results and is an interest rate increase, may be negotiated upon renewal.

Internet Maturity Regulations

a)  The interest claim arises upon conclusion of the contract and receipt of money

b)  Interest is added annually to the CCE loan (no compound interest)

c)  Interest shall be payable at the earliest after three years or on termination of the contract after the settlement date

The term of the CCE-Loan is three (3) years. Thereafter, it shall be extended indefinitely unless either party objects to the extension in writing at least six (6) months before the end of the contract.

The extended CCE-Loan may then be terminated by either party by giving six (6) weeks‘ written notice to the next end of the quarter.

With the Save and Buy option, variable savings rates can also be made. CCE-Loans should be offered from 10,000 € upwards if possible.

As an unscheduled repayment replacement, the CCE can apply for an SCF CCV-Grant–Loan from SC-Fund UK, which can be topped up by SC-Fund UK in non-binding instalments per base year (1 x per year) up to 30% of the CCE-Loan amount (is secured with the CCE-Loan Credit and can be offset).

If the CCE requires additional conditions, these can be requested via <>. Provided that there are no legal or economic objections, the negotiated conditions can be agreed as a supplement to the CCE-Loan agreement.

No premium is charged.

2. Utilization

According to the CCE-Loan offer/contract, the proceeds of the freely available CCE-Loan are intended to be invested mainly in SC-Fund UK’s own social-humanitarian projects or projects such as NAM-KHC, health-related facilities, etc.

The CCE-Loan provided or the proceeds from the recoverable and converted CCE-Material  assets remain independent without being dependent on the economic results of projects/ventures. The legislator in Germany, however, requires that in accordance with the German Banking Act (Kreditwesengesetz and subsequent Regulations), the qualified subordination is to be included in the CCE-Loan agreement.

CCE is free to transfer the CCE-Loan rights to third parties, in particular to social or charitable institutions, only with the written consent of SC-Fund UK.

3. Securities

Securities can be provided on request.

Please inquire at <>, the provision costs will be charged separately.

4. NAM-Castella Purchase Option

With the confirmed NAM-Castella purchase option, the provisional reservation for the land register security (owner’s land charge with certificate) is made, which is applied for after conclusion of the purchase contract. With the CCE-Loan, the NAM-Castella purchase price can be saved and later offset against it.

The land charge certificate is handed over to CCE or its financing bank upon full payment of the purchase price.

(Subject to change without notice)



1. CF-NAM-KHC Discretion

The NAM Discretion is a (NDA) confidentiality agreement

Each of the committed persons and parties is reassured when they know that the information exchanged is treated in strict confidence.
For this purpose, the SCF / NAM-KHC Discretions Agreement must be concluded.

Please print the following SCF / NAM-KHC Discretion Agreement. After adding your name and address, date and signature, please scan the signed SCF / NAM-KHC Discretions Agreement and send it by E-Mail to <>.
You will receive the countersigned copy, together with the CCI Web Key, back the same way.


 NAM-KHC Discretion


Zwischen / Between

Carident AG, Neustrasse 18, CH8590 Romanshorn, CH

sowie / plus

SC-Fund UK, Edinburgh, 5 South Charlotte Street

Lothian, KY3 9DR, UK

                                                                                                                     (Part 1)

und / and

……………………………………………………………………………………..…………….…………Name / Gesellschaft / Company

……………………………………………………………………………………………….……….……. Adresse / Address                                                                                  (Co-Part 2)


Präambel / Preamble

Carident AG, auch Lizenznehmer von SC-Fund UK, realisiert eigene Standort Produkte, wie z.B. NAM-KlinikHotel (NAM-KH) oder NAM-KlinikHotel Castle (NAM-KHC) u.a.m.

Carident AG, also a licensee from SC-Fund UK, too realize own location products, such as NAM-KlinikHotel (NAM-KH) or NAM-KlinikHotel Castle (NAM-KHC) a.o.m.

Das NAM-KlinikHotel Castle (NAM-KHC) ist ein UN registriertes Humanitarian ID Projekt. Regelkonform belegen die Planungs-Informationen und -Dokumente die Grundlage für die Realisierung eines NAM-KHC’s.

The NAM-KlinikHotel Castle (NAM-KHC) is a UN registered Humanitarian ID project. Rule Conformity, the planning information and documents provide the basis for the realization of a NAM-KHC.

Diese NAM-KHC Dicretion gilt zwischen den Parteien für ihre Geschäftsbeziehung und derer dauerhaften Fortsetzung zur Realisierung von SC-Fund UK Projekten sowie Carident AG NAM-KHC Standort Produkten.

This NAM-KHC Dicretion is valid between the parties for their business relationship and their continuing and ongoing continuation for the realisation of SC-Fund UK Projects as well as Carident AG NAM-KHC Location Products.

Die Parteien vereinbaren / The parties agree

1. Der Co-Part2 erklärt die erhaltenen Informationen im Zusammenhang mit den SC-Fund UK Projekten sowie Carident AG NAM-KHC Standort Produkten, streng vertraulich zu behandeln und verpflichtet sich ausdrücklich, nicht ohne die schriftliche Zustimmung von Part 1, diese an Dritte weiterzugeben (mit Ausnahme an Mitglieder seiner eigenen Unternehmensgruppe, mit denen diese NAM-KHC Discretion ebenfalls besteht).

Part 1 verhält sich gleichermaßen in Bezug auf erhaltene persönliche            Informationen vom Co-Part

1. The Co-Part 2 declares to treat the information received in connection with the SC-Fund UK Projects as well as Carident AG NAM-KHC Location Products as strictly confidential and expressly undertakes not to pass it on to third parties (with the exception of members of its own group of companies, with whom this NAM-KHC Discretion also exists) without the written consent of Part 1.

Part 1 shall act in the same way with respect to personal information received from Co-Part 2.

2. Quellen im Sinne dieser Vereinbarung sind Kontaktinformationen, literarische Inhalte sowie Ideen zum NAM-KHC und Konzeptionen und umfassen alle damit verbundenen Geschäfte und alle Nachfolgegeschäfte.

2. Sources within the meaning of this Agreement are contact information, literary content, ideas to the NAM-KHC and concepts and include all related businesses and all follow-up businesses.

3. Die Parteien beabsichtigen eine informative Zusammenarbeit (siehe hierzu „NAM-KHC Vorteile“). Aufbauend hierauf wünscht der Co-Part 2 für seine nachfolgend benannten Aufgaben tätig zu sein. Bleibt dieser Vorsatz in absehbarer Zeit (nach 3-Monaten oder auf Dauer) erfolglos, hat Part 1 Anspruch auf eine angemessene Abfindung.

3. The parties intend to enter into an informative cooperation (see „NAM-KHC Advantages“). Building on this, the Co-Part 2 wishes to be active for the tasks listed below. If this intention remains unsuccessful in the foreseeable future (after 3 months or permanently), Part 1 is entitled to an adequate compensation.

4. Die Parteien verpflichten sich ausdrücklich, niemals eigene oder fremde (Umgehungs-) Aktivitäten zum Nachteil des jeweils anderen Partners durchzuführen.

4. The parties expressly undertake never to carry out own or third party (circumvention) activities to the detriment of the respective other partner.

5. Bei einem Verstoß oder einer Zuwiderhandlung gegen diese Vereinbarung durch eine Partei ist die andere Partei berechtigt, sofort einen angemessenen Betrag, mindestens jedoch 10.000,00 €, als Entschädigung und Strafe für jeden Vertragsbruch vom Verursacher gezahlt zu bekommen. Weitergehende Schadensersatzansprüche bleiben unberührt. Zur Sicherung der Ansprüche wird auf Einwendungen, Gegenansprüche und Verjährung verzichtet. Um einen Verstoß gegen diese Vereinbarung zu klären, sind alle Parteien von ihrer Vertraulichkeit befreit. Es besteht eine Informationspflicht, z.B. wie mit den Informationen umgegangen wurde.

5. In the event of a breach or contravention of this agreement by one party, the other party shall be entitled to immediately receive a reasonable amount, but at least € 10,000.00, as compensation and penalty for each breach of contract from the causer. Further claims for damages remain unaffected. To secure the claims, objections, counterclaims and statute of limitations shall be waived. In order to clarify a violation of this agreement, the parties are released from their confidentiality. There is a duty to inform, e.g. how the information was handled.

6. Diese Vereinbarung gilt für einen Zeitraum von fünf Jahren ab dem Datum der Unterzeichnung und verlängert sich automatisch, es sei denn, es wird von einer Partei mit einer Frist von drei Monaten zum jeweiligen Jahresende der Verlängerung widersprochen.

6. This Agreement shall apply for a period of five years from the date of signature and shall be automatically renewed unless a Party objects to the renewal by giving three months‘ notice to the end of the respective year.

7. Sollten eine oder mehrere Bestimmungen dieser Vereinbarung unwirksam sein oder werden, bleiben die übrigen Bestimmungen unberührt, die unwirksame(n) Bestimmung(en) wird/werden durch gültige Bestimmung(en) ersetzt.

7. Should one or more provisions of this agreement be or become invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected and the ineffective regulation(s) shall be replaced by valid provisions.

8. Mündliche Nebenabreden wurden nicht getroffen. Änderungen bedürfen der Schriftform.

8. Verbal collateral agreements were not made. Changes must be made in writing.

9. Es gilt Europäisches Recht *mit deutschem Text als Grundlage*, je nach Ort und Land der Klage/des Klägers außerhalb Deutschlands. Übersetzungen dienen ausschließlich nur zum besseren Verständnis jeweiliger Landessprachen und sind rechtsunwirksam.

9. European law *with German legal basis* shall apply, depending on the place and country of the claimant outside Germany. Translations serve exclusively only for the better understanding of respective national languages and are legally ineffective.

Co-Part 2 Schwerpunkt:

Co-Part 2 Focus: ……………………………………….………………………………………….


…………………………………………….           ………………………………………………

Co-Part 2 Unterschrift /Signature            Part 1 Unterschrift / Signature


2. SCF / NAM-KHC Discretion Advantages

Based on the SCF / NAM-KHC discretion, we can present CCI or CCE interesting monetary advantages.
If you are interested, please contact the CCC team via E-Mail at <>. You will receive the SCF / NAM-KHC Discretionary Advantages Regulations by E-Mail after CCC has received the above agreed SCF / NAM Discretion. If you agree with the expectations, please send the SCF / NAM-KHC Discretions Advantages after inserting your name and address, date and signature scanned via E-Mail to <>.
The countersigned copy will be returned to you in the same way.



English, French, Spanish

1. English 

2. French (under Construction)

 3. Spanish (under Construction)

Please see seperate Sections 7.1, 7.2, 7.3

Furthermore, the pre-formulated CCE-Loan Offer to be supplemented by the CCE is in German on the basis of the German legal justification. Please request a free translation in English via <>.



Internet-Application ‚‘
of NAM-KlinikHotel Castle

These installation instructions show you (CCI or CCE) how to install the CCE-Loans Internet software on your computer

(INFORMANT (CCI) CONTACT PERSON (blue font) and/or


set up.

The installation with registration and CC-Web Key activation is required only once at the beginning and takes some getting used to.

The reason for this is to comply with the legal requirements and to ensure the greatest possible security for the user and user, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, the German Banking Act with supplementary provisions and the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

If your computer is equipped with a virus protection program, it is possible that downloading may not be possible, as may happen with AVAST scanners, for example. If this is the case, unlock the program and restart the installation of the software.

We ask for your understanding.

Please follow the steps 1 Installer, 2 Application, 3 Registration.

Your crew

  1. Installer

Two (2) independent installers with software must be installed for CCI and CCE. The procedures are the same for both installers.

As an example for CCI, please select the installer for your computer on the web page under INFORMANT (CCI) CONTACT PERSON. Please confirm the link ‚Windows‘ or ‚MACOSX‚.

The installer will be activated and downloaded to your computer together with the application software.

1.1 The steps of the process are displayed with dialog boxes

Some of the dialog boxes for ‚Windows‘ and alternatively for ‚MACOSX‘ have different graphic designs and are shown in this user manual either side by side or one after the other.

Please read the texts in the respective dialog boxes carefully.

Instructions to be confirmed are in CAPITAL letters and UNDERLINED.

The CCI or CCE-Installer program is usually saved in the ‚download folder‘ as a packed .exe zip file and must be unpacked.

To unpack, e.g. with 7z, OPEN and UNPACK.

The steps of the procedure are displayed.

After downloading and your confirmation of the program „cci-installer-3.0.exe“ you will see „Welcome to CCI Installation“.


Please run the installer and confirm Allow with: ‚YES‘.

System specific dialog boxes may appear before the installation.

For example, a dialog box:

User Account Control

„Would you like to allow that through the following program

from an unknown publisher Changes to

on this computer?

Program name ‚CCI-installer-3.0.exe

Please confirm ‚YES‘.

A dialog box appears

CCI-3.0 Installation with location display

You can change the storage location.

You can also select the CCI-3.0 or CCE-3.0 icon on the desktop.

“ When you are ready to install, please confirm the ‚RIGHT‘ or ‚INSTALL‘ arrow

A dialog box appears


Please wait

When the installation is complete, the message appears

CCI 3.0 is successfully installed on your computer.

In the dialog box you can change the execution hook if you do not want to start the program yet, otherwise please confirm OK.

A software check for malware may appear.

Virus-free is indicated by a green tick.

The application software is now installed on your computer.

The application is started and displays the dialog box with the CAPITAL.CARIDENT.CH privacy policy.

To continue, please confirm ACCEPT.

1.2 Software License Agreement (Disclaimer)

You are permitted to use and exploit the The rules are defined in the dialog box (with scroll mode) ‚Software License Agreement‘.

A dialog box appears with the title ‚CAPITAL.CARIDENT.CH Software License Agreement‘.

Please read the text and confirm that you agree with the terms.

Please confirm your agreement in the circle (must turn blue) with the text:

I have read this, understand it, and agree to it.

Translated: I have read it, understand it, and agree to it.

To continue, please confirm the software license agreement by pressing the ARROW UP DOWN RIGHT button.

  1. Application

2.1 Starting the application

To start the application CCI – blue font or CCE – green font, open the Windows START button and confirm under Programs in the folder ‚Carident‘ cci-3.0 or cce-3.0 (or higher) or in the Download folder.

You can also confirm the icons cci-3.0 and/or cce-3.0 on the desktop of your computer.

A dialog box may appear if the connection to the database takes longer.

Please confirm (possibly several times) ‚TEST‘.

2.2 Privacy Policy (Disclaimer)

For the protection of data that you receive and/or enter, please agree to the ‚CAPITAL.CARIDENT.CH Privacy Policy‘ (Software License Agreement) in order to proceed.

The application is running and the dialog box for registering or logging in appears.

Please note that you must first register with a CCI Web Key from your INFORMANT (CCI) CONTACT PERSON in order to login.

For further assistance, please contact CCC at the e-mail address <>.

Your CCC crew

  1. How to Register

3.1 Start registration

As a new user you must first register.

After the disclaimer confirmation for the privacy policy a dialog box with two buttons for REGISTRATION and LOGIN will appear.




With your registration you save your personal data.

Please confirm REGISTRATION.

You can later change your saved information via the „Accompanying information“ page, radio button top right INFORMATION and ADJUSTMENTS.

In the ‚E-Mail address‘ field, please enter an E-Mail address that you can access. This E-Mail address is required for your registrations.

Use the eye to show or hide the content.

You have received the CCI-Web Key from your INFORMANT (CCI) CONTACT PERSON.

It has 10 digits and begins with ‚I-xxxxxxxxxx‚ (for informant).

The registration entry screen for your personal information INFORMANT (CCI) CONTACT PERSON (mask with blue font) appears for registration.


the registration entry screen appears in green for the PROVIDER (CCE) INTERESTED PARTY.

Please enter your personal data here.

Please enter the CCI Web Key you have received. If you do not have one, ask for it at the e-mail address <>.

You register as a PROVIDER (CCE) INTERESTED PARTY and receive your own 10-digit CCE-Web key, it starts with ‚Exxxxxxxx‚ and will be sent to your e-mail address.

The password you enter should be easy to remember.

To confirm, repeat it in the second password entry field.

While you are making your entries, dialog boxes may appear to alert you to possible deviations in your entries.

You can show or hide the content by clicking on the eye.

If your registration data is complete and correct, please confirm REGISTER to continue.

3.2 Personal CC-Web Key

When you register your personal data, your personal CC-Web Key is generated.

A dialog box appears with your personal CC-Web Key (CCI or CCE).

After you have noted the new CCI- or CCE-Web Key, confirm the dialog.

The CC-Web Key is also sent to you by e-mail.

It is better if you make a note of the CC-Web Key.

Only with this, your personal CC-Web Key, you can log in – Login.

Otherwise, you will have to register again.

The dialog box will inform you that you are registered.

Your registration is complete.

Your INFORMANT (CCI) CONTACT PERSON will be informed of your registration by e-mail and asked to accept your registration so that your personal CC-Web Key can be activated.


The newly generated and personal CCI-Web Key must be accepted by the (pre-)informant before the application software can be used with this CC-Web Key.

Without activation, the newly generated CCI-Web Key will not work, not even for new persons who want to register with it.


You can use the application software without acceptance and without CCE-Web Key activation.

However, offers for CCE-Loans can only be sent and delivered to SC-Fund UK with an activated CCE-Web Key.

Only your INFORMANT (CCI) CONTACT PERSON can accept your CC Web Key via the page (blue font) „Accompanying Information“, via the radio button INFORMATION and INFORMERS or INSERT and button „Orange“ turns green.

Only your acceptance will unlock the CC-Web Key concerned (button turns green).

In case of rejection, the button turns red and you are listed as blocked.

With the activation, the accepted person is assigned to your person and address group.

You will receive a verification key in an e-mail, which is requested to check your e-mail address when you log in for the first time.

As long as your e-mail address does not change, no further verification will take place.

The CCE-Web Key verification is carried out at PROVIDER (CCE) INTERESTED PARTY before sending the first offer.

You will receive another e-mail with the information that you have been accepted by your informant.

To register / login please use the Windows START button, ‚Programs‘ and ‚CCI-3.0‘ or ‚CCE-3.0‘ or the appropriate icon on the screen.

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